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Face Painters

Face Painting

Face Painting

Including face painting is a wonderful way to add excitement to an event, letting your children’s creativity run wild and allowing them to become any character that they can imagine. Our specialist face painters are artists with only the best of expertise when it comes to face painting and, quite astoundingly, their creations only take a couple of minutes. With our face painters for hire you can allow children to become their favourite fairytale characters, warriors or animals, and it stands to reason that no function with children as guests could be complete without this enjoyable activity.

A face painting service is ideal entertainment for kids at birthday parties or special events. It will also add a memorable flair to corporate family functions or even provide a great activity for children at a wedding. Face painters provide such a well-loved service that the list of parties and events that would benefit from them is endless. If you are hosting a fair in your community or at your school, face painting will preoccupy both adults and children with contagious curiosity and enthusiasm.

The products used during face painting are all of a high quality that will not cause harm to delicate skin by causing irritation or dryness. The product is also applied with the utmost care to ensure that children are comfortable and enjoy the process of having their faces painted just as much as they do the end result. Feel free to contact Sombrero Entertainment if you would like some more information or to book one of our fantastic face painters as children’s entertainment.

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