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Stilt Walkers

Stilt Walker

Stilt Walker

Comedic, playful and ultimately amusing, stilt walkers are a fantastic method of adding the missing element to almost any celebration or event. These unique characters stand at an astounding three metres in height and create a fun atmosphere. They are easy to see from afar which has encouraged many to use them as a means of attracting attention to markets, shopping centres, or even at corporate events to launch products, for instance. They also bring a great deal of entertainment value to kids when featuring at birthday parties or at a school fundraiser.

Interestingly enough, stilt walkers date back as far as ancient Greece and these contraptions were also used in Belgium during the performance of jousts in the fifteenth century. In France, shepherds made use of stilts during times of heavy rain as the land often became too moist and difficult to navigate otherwise. It is with much experience that these folk became agile in their movements.

Similarly, in China, stilts were used to navigate marshlands, but the Chinese also realized the entertainment value in these devices and made them part of festivals and parades. The stilt walkers would be given bright and elaborate costumes and - much like the stilt walkers from Sombrero Entertainment - would keep crowds delighted and provide the perfect entertainment for children.

The fact that stilt walkers have been used as entertainment for centuries is a testament to the timeless amusing quality that they bring to any celebration. Add the same timeless zest to your event by making use of our stilt walkers for hire.

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